Which products can I refill?

We currently offer our non-bio laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid and all-purpose cleaner in 15 Litre refill bag-in-boxes in selected stores. We also offer 5 litre refills to order at home for our concentrated non-bio laundry detergent, delicate laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid, hand soap, toilet cleaner, floor soap and all-purpose cleaner.  

We would love to offer refills for more of our product range. The challenge is that for our refills in store – where we can have the biggest impact on plastic use – we rely upon shop keepers to stock them.

We’re working hard to try and overcome the barriers to retailers stocking more refills – mostly taking up space and often creating mess. Later this year we’ll be trialling new refill machines in supermarkets and health food stores to learn more about what would work best. 

If you’re keen to see more of our products as refills please ask your health food shop keeper or write to your local supermarket. As the more consumer demand they receive, the more likely they will be able to expand what they offer in refills.

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