What are eco-surfactants?

First let's start by saying what surfactants are. Almost all cleaning products are based on surfactants: the active ingredients that allow dirt to be removed more easily. If we have a look at the production of surfactants worldwide, 50% is produced from petrochemical feedstocks and the other 50% from renewables. By studying nature and after years of groundbreaking research in cooperation with several European universities, we were able to create a new generation of surfactants which are plant-based and produced in a biological fermentation process rather than a (petro)chemical one. We call them “Eco-Surfactants”. How did we achieve this? Like we always do, by looking at nature. Bumblebees to be specific. Turns out bumblebees not only store honey but also a yeast that creates a natural surfactant from a combination of sugar and oil. As we love bumblebees (all animals for that matter) and wouldn’t want to invade their homes, we found a way to grow that yeast in our labs. We cultivate it on a large scale in our low energy bioreactor, making sure the bumblebees' homes are left at peace and our cleaners contribute to a healthy home for you. Tests have proven our Eco-Surfactants are at least as powerful as petrochemical cleaners (sometimes they even outperform them). On top of that, they are much less toxic and completely biodegradable.

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