What are your bottles made from?

Our washing-up liquid bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled PET plastic. These are sourced from soft drinks and water bottles used and recycled in Europe. Our washing-up liquid bottles have a 70% lower carbon footprint than a virgin plastic bottle and is still recyclable.

The vast majority of our other bottles are made from a combination of 25% recycled plastic (post-consumer recycled - PCR) and 75% green PE (plantplastic®) derived from sugarcane ethanol instead of crude oil. They are perfectly reusable and recyclable.

Although plant based plastic is preferable to petroleum based plastic, we believe there’s already enough recycled plastic that we can make more use of it. So by 2020 Ecover aims to only use 100% recycled plastic in all its bottles and we will be trialling the use of alternative biodegradable and bio sourced packaging.  

To find out more about our the packaging we use and our plastic commitments please click here < https://www.ecover.com/commitments/>


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